Beauty, Spa and thermal treatments

  • Destination: Central Spain, Northern Spain, Southern Spain, Spain

Exclusive spa and beauty treatments.
Vinoterapia (wine therapy), hot springs, luxury spas located in natural surroundings where peace and beauty will wrap you.

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Is it possible to enjoy two passions such as wine and the sea at the same time? In Spain is possible.

Spain is the perfect destination to enjoy both of these two pleasures. In Spain you can enjoy the most innovative therapies. Indulge yourself and feel the irresistible experience of firming up your skin with soft chocolate, known as the “chocolate therapy” or immerse your body in a bathtub filled of wine. Wine baths gets a rejuvenating and antioxidant effects. This treatment is called “wine therapy“.


You will leave behind the stress and daily concerns, and you will enter into a world of refreshing sensations.


Spain has a vast network of Spas and Hot Springs Spas, most of them housed in authentic natural spots of unusual beauty, including mountains, beaches and forests. Spain has a wealth of priceless mineral waters springs, both in quality and quantity, which have made our country the best resort of Europe.


A luxury for senses. Enjoy the relaxing and anti-stress treatments or be seduced by the unique and innovative wine therapy treatments.


Discover with Dionissimos the elixirs of youth.

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