Gastronomy Experiences

  • Destination: Andalusia, Barcelona, Madrid

Discover the traditional cuisine of Spain with the help of the best Chefs.
We invite you to explore the Cuisine Art at private cooking workshops. You will learn amazing and delicious recipes, and visit the markets where you will discover the freshest products of our land as well as their flavors and delicious combinations.

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Visiting Madrid, Barcelona or Seville can be an experience that will take you beyond the cultural aspects of these cities.
Private wine tastings and exclusive cooking courses, all guided at all times by an excellent team of professionals with an exquisite personalized attention. Begin the experience by visiting some of the famous food markets of the area with the Chef to choose the products you will use for cooking. And finish the adventure by tasting the menu. In an exclusive and sophisticated atmosphere, between aromas and new tastes, be amazed by our gastronomy; enjoy private tastings of Spanish homemade cheese, olive oil, wine or attending a lecture from a ham cutter Master… The variety of senses in front of us is overwhelming.
Private wine tastings and pairings
Dinner with wine pairings and private tastings conducted by professional sommeliers where you will learn the steps in the wines production as well as the peculiarities of each of them, the reasons for their aroma, flavor and texture. Let’s enter the world of Spanish wines to discover different styles, regions and grape varieties. The sommelier, will teach you the basic knowledge to know how to choose and enjoy a glass of wine during your stay in Spain. Enjoy fine wines is a pleasure, but pairing wines with the perfect meal is the sublimation of the senses. With the Food and Wine Pairing you will learn the qualities; attributes and feelings of the union between wine and food. The sommelier will explain you the reasons why each wine combines perfectly with certain foods.
Indulge your senses and experience new aromas and flavors.