Culture and Art in Andalucía

  • Destination: Andalusia, Inland Tours, Shore, Southern Spain

Andalucía a boundless universe of possibilities.

Our trips are tailored for you to discover some of the jewels that make up the essence of Andalusia: bulls, Mediterranean Sea, thoroughbred horses, white villages, and rich local cuisine, as well as World Heritage Monuments.

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A trip to Andalusia is a boundless universe of possibilities. It is a land of culture, history, holidays, nature and outstanding cuisine. We offer you exclusive getaways to discover the wines of Jerez in Cadiz, fried “fish” in Cadiz and Malaga, ham in Huelva and Cordoba, olive oil in Seville or dishes like gazpacho or oxtail stew.

Andalucía have to be tasted it and felt it. Be caught up into the Andalusian experience´s passion and all the emotions it will elicit in you.

We design short breaks and private trips for you to discover the essence of Andalusia: Exclusive private tours to Jerez de la Frontera city to visit the famous Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art. Excursions to The Alpujarras Mountains of Granada or discover the picturesque white villages scattered in the interior of all over Andalusia Region.


The Andalusian Spain

Eight centuries of Muslim Culture in the Iberian Peninsula have left an important inheritance, the Andalusian Region, part of the hallmarks of the Spanish and Mediterranean Culture.
Travel through history to discover Cordoba, Seville, Granada and Ronda, featuring one of the most important historical and cultural legacies of our country. Tailored short breaks designed to discover the essence of some of the world’s most famous buildings, today converted into symbols of Arab Heritage in Spain as the Mosque of Cordoba, the Alhambra and the Generalife Palace in Granada or La Giralda Tower in Seville.


The essence of Seville

Discover the magic of this wonderful city led by an expert local guide who will accompany you through the history and the culture of the Santa Cruz Quarter, the old Jewish Quarter of Seville. You will visit the magnificent Cathedral, one of the examples of the largest Gothic churches in the world. Today´s Cathedral´s Bell Tower was in the past an old Muslim Minaret. You cannot miss a visit to Los Reales Alcáceres Palace of Seville, a place where the wedding of King Charles V and Isabella of Portugal was held. All of these places featuring large gardens and luxurious rooms are a part of a Monumental Moorish-style.


The essence of Córdoba

You will be immersed in this ancient city declared a World Heritage Site and a legacy of all cultures that had passed through it. A truly network of narrow streets, plazas, and limed white courtyards that arise around the Mosque-Cathedral, one of the most beautiful examples of Muslim art in Spain.


The essence of Granada

In between the Darro and Genil rivers, and in the foothills of Sierra Nevada Mountains, appears one of the most beautiful cities in Andalucia. With an impressive legacy of Andalusian Art adds to the Renaissance Architecture, Granada was the last city reconquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492 and this makes even today that all its streets to be steeped in Arab flavor. Lovely walks around the El Albaicín Quarter, declared a World Heritage Site or a guided tour of the Alhambra and the Generalife Palaces, will delight any visitor to this wonderful city.

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